Image from Chauvet cave paintings
I've seen videos of horses
   long legged, just born, shuddering
   & steaming, fighting just to stand
   too soon. A life of running,
   a strength of body, a rippling
   brown energy they don't yet know.

This video, an interior shot,
   loose hay & metal buckets, 
   a kind of everystall. Everyhorse
   reborn & unshod. For now.

I watch, the image handheld,
   the camera handheld. Held
   in suspense through the inevitable
   slips & corrections, hooves clean
   & unsure. For now.

The newborn saddled only
   with expectations. No hands 
   steady the slow progress, 
   no mare's nuzzle
   in frame.

A foal alone. Eyes wide.
   Such a drama to rise,
   still wild, still free. Then
   still. wild. still. free.

I've never seen youtube's
   part two.

The gelding & tagging, the shots
   & shodding. The saddle cinched,
   cold steel along the tongue,
   head gear, iron, leather,
   & a name. 

Be careful who watches you 
   take to your feet. 
Be careful who tames you
   & calls you by name. 

cuidado: Spanish for "care" "attention". Sometimes used on its own to mean, "Be careful." 

13 responses to “cuidado.”

  1. What a beginning! I keep coming back to this: “The newborn saddled only
    with expectations.” All that it stands for, all that is says about entering life, about all of us coming from somewhere, from someone. A poem that makes me stand back, look up, look away and then return and recognize the mark it has left on me. Thank you, friend. I am so very glad that you are here!

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  2. Poetry in its purest form. This is what writing is all about. It makes you think. It makes you picture. It drives you to access areas of your psyche that you didn’t even know existed. As a fellow middle child I salute you for sharing what writing is at its core, beauty.

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  3. Such powerful imagery. Such powerful words. (I love the alliteration across line breaks, like “shuddering / and steaming” and “running /… rippling”.) The contrast between freedom and domestication leading to that last stanza of pure, powerful insight. Advice I wish I’d known, and that I still have to remind myself to follow: who watches us rise and who names / tames us are not connections to give lightly.
    (P.S. I hope you’ll write in Spanish (or put some Spanish in your writing) with some of us on Friday!!!)


    • Posting in Spanish, huh? mmmmmmaybe : ) The one I have in mind is about family, and I haven’t shown it to them. Lemme see if I get up the courage.

      Thank you for your kind words!


  4. What an amazing first Slice. Your closing lines are sticking with me. I’m feeling a warning, yes, but also, some hope that we DO take to our feet, we can be called by name. Thank you for making me think and consider duality tonight.

    Be careful who watches you
    take to your feet.
    Be careful who tames you
    & calls you by name.

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