it’s a girl.

The room is cold, and your wife is crying. And smiling.
There's a speck of blood on your cheek that you notice later,
      one drop, dried brown, from the fibrous cord.

She wriggles in a shallow plastic box, cleaned & approved.
A striped hat, a diaper, a warm blanket, and an ankle bracelet
     with a magnet in it, connecting her to only the two of you.

She weighs almost nothing. Comically small in the new car seat.
There's a room at home decked out for her,
      a place that'll make us more than a couple. Now, a family.  

9 responses to “it’s a girl.”

  1. “Clean and approved.” I love the crisp truth of that—a family that will (also) be under construction at a later date. (Incoming siblings…)


  2. I noticed an interesting craft move in your writing that has made me rethink the teaching of titles. Lower case and a period – it’s unique and interesting in the way that some choose not to capitalize their names. I then wonder, do they need to know the rules to break them, or break them then decide that the happy accident works, or maybe that’s not a “happy accident” at all. Maybe it’s creativity undefined and unimpeded.


    • I am so gratified that you noticed. When I made my first post, I wanted a clear/clean break between the title & the thing, and I figured a period would force a pause, would force an anticipation of the thing based solely upon the title (and now upon the image too). Thanks for letting me geek out on this! : )

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  3. The juxtaposition in the opening line sets this piece up perfectly, “The room is cold, and your wife is crying. And smiling.” There are so many transitions in this poem – the beginning suits it perfectly. What a lovely memory.


  4. In my opinion, this is NOT sappy writing about kids.
    This is so beautiful. Remembering those FIRST moments.
    Your placement of the words on the page and the image and the title.
    It all comes together, showing a proud dad as he changes from couple to family.
    So glad I took time today to go back and read some slices I missed this past week.
    Thanks for sharing.


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