laying on of hands.

He rolls up his pajama top,
    a signal to caress him,
    to sing him to sleep.
    Still young enough 
    to need touch,
    still young enough
    to ask to be touched

I kneel & sing. 

He luxuriates in the ritual,
    one of his own design.

7 responses to “laying on of hands.”

  1. Joel, your poetry is breathtaking. Luxuriating in touch is a primal need. Your children are blessed to have a father who recognizes how these rituals will carry them through life. Thanks for being here during this month’s SOL challenge. You’ve added so much light and reflection to the community.


  2. ” still young enough
    to ask to be touched
    Mine are “nearly 14” and 11 1/2. I can feel the days of asking for touch slipping away from us. Still, some nights when I give a goodnight kiss, I get pulled down for a snuggle or someone asks for a back rub. May these requests stretch on and on.


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