watch your step.

Photo: Michael Hession
Far down the page --
past news of war,
past opinions
& perfume ads,

past covid charts
& thinkpieces
(this one about
arctic penguins) --

"Rain Boots We Love".
And I recall:
It's April now ...
spring has returned.

I saw it just
today, parking
under budding
trees -- a sky grey

with the promise 
of that patter
that redirects
human focus.

And tomorrow
all of the girls
will reach way back
in their closets

for the right shoes.
Pulling bootstraps
over bare legs,
toes & soles gleam

wet & bright with
long awaited 
rain, finally
just underfoot. 

This was written in response to a challenge to compose a poem based on a news item.

2 responses to “watch your step.”

  1. I love this, Joel, and it makes me want to don my rain boots. (There are plenty of opportunities here for that, but I often just let my sneakers get wet!) I also love the suggestion at the linked website. I’m using this idea though I may never share what I come up with. Love the “gleam, wet and bright” and the image of the girls reaching to the back of their closets!


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