You create an account gently, and you construct
a password--a nonsense mixture made memorable,
letters, numbers, characters made special
somehow, a song lyric, a sentence you alone know.

You pull the doc from the drive, a last look
at a once-inspired miracle, a polished
inert version of the original spark, now rendered
regular, out of your hand & into gently. 

Gently receives the doc, a new screen
assuring you that the server worked.

You forget and wait, gently. Gently managing
the impersonal viewable shareable
version of you at your most artful, 
most vulnerable, most hopeful.

Three weeks later, gently a message
in your inbox. 

Thank you. 

This is inspired by Sophia Terazawa, who gave my class the following writing prompt: Personify an adverb. I chose to personify the writing submission platform Submittable as the adverb "Gently". So above every time I originally referred to the platform, I substituted the word Gently.   

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