May your feet be warm & dry
May you hear your name said with a smile today
May your nights be peaceful
May your work be meaningful
May someone you love think that you are smart & funny

May your coffee be served just right
May you see your child laughing
May you enjoy the book you're reading -- and the next one
May you feel the warmth of the setting sun

May your children be safe & happy
May they grow up to love & talk to one another
May they have dogs & beloveds that love dogs
May the clouds always inspire you

This is inspired by a three-part writing challenge that Sarah Freligh gave my students--write blessings for all people everywhere, then blessings for someone difficult to love, then for yourself. The image is by my friend Scott Lewis, from his series God & Globalization.

2 responses to “blessings.”

  1. Joel, this warms my heart as did meeting you in Anaheim. I love the line: “May they have dogs & beloveds that love dogs.” I have a son like this, and a daughter-in-law. We are all richer for that. I also think this is a brilliant—and timely—poetry challenge. Thanks.

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