parent conferences, abecedarian.

After covid, this must feel so different, the 
block schedule, getting off zoom & back in the 
classroom. He's so happy when he 
does his work once it's assigned. We 
expect that he'll have some late nights--but for school.
Free period he plays chess in the locker room? I mean, his
grades are strong, his attitude is good, and we're
happy for him. He should be proud.
In a few months, though, 
Joel, he needs to 
know that it's high gear time. Who will write his
letter when all they see is him playing chess? Her
mother & I are proud of her grades, but
now is the time to find an office
or club or something to show she took on a 
pinnacle experience somewhere. Find it
quick, but make sure it's a thing you love ...
robotics or service or an AP ...
something you really love. It's 
time to step up. Colleges & 
universities are looking. When's your first college
visit? I just don't know 
what we should be doing. There's no
excuses anymore--you're not a freshman.
You are a gift to us, Mr. Gar-
za. Have a great day. 

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