moon, light.

Our backyard, about 9:30pm March 14, 2022
The hail stopped. Rain fades.
Soft clouds frame & shroud the moon  
-- a drone hums above. 

12 responses to “moon, light.”

  1. Very cool. I love how a well written haiku can capture so much. The drone in the pic and the “drone” that sometimes hums from power lines (at least in my back yard) gives that line dual meaning, too. Thanks for sharing!


  2. You had me in the first half. Love the way you use punctuation, felt like there was an intentionally abrupt shift from natural beauty to artificial nuisance. ? Thanks for writing!


  3. I love poetry and found your haiku to be surprising – I had to read it twice. A drone? So unexpected! And then I read your comments above. Ha! I get it! Your photo can inspire more poems!


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